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HBHUA Constitution 2018

Approved at AGM 2018-06-28

HBHUA Secretary Vacancy (Aug 2019)

Job Description & Contact Details

HBHUA Umpire Feedback
Umpire Feedback Form

If you wish to provide feedback on HBHUA appointed umpires, please complete the Umpire Feedback Form and email it to Iain Fletcher and Graham King

EH Level 1 Umpire Assessment Form

For use by Umpire Assessors (as at Nov 2018)

RESPECT Campaign
Respect Policy

V4 May 2019

Abuse and Dissent Guidance

V4 May 2019

Other HBHUA Policies

Summary for Information

Umpiring Guidance
Pre-Match Checklist

May 2018

Emergency Contact Details

Modified Dec 2018

Microphone Usage
The Control Ladder
ULO Pre-Season Checklist
ULO and Club Responsibilities

Added Nov 2018

Rules & Regulations
FIH Outdoor Rules of Hockey 2019

Effective from January 2019

FIH Indoor Rules of Hockey 2017

Effective from January 2017

Red Card Report Form

From October 2019

Red Card & MMO Regulations

From September 2019

Disrepute Incident Report Form

From September 2018

Disrepute Process Regulations

From September 2019

England Hockey Safeguarding
EH Safeguarding Summary for Umpires and Officials

Current as at May 2018

EH Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey

Current as at May 2018

Meeting Minutes
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AGM 2005
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AGM 2007
AGM 2008
AGM 2009
AGM 2010
AGM 2011
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AGM 2014
AGM 2015
Extraordinary GM 2016
AGM 2016 (Postponed)
AGM 2016 (Resumed)
AGM 2017
AGM 2018

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